10 years in…

So this is it folks- I’ve officially hit a decade of teaching! That’s 10 summers of planning, 10 “first” weeks and days, 10 years of kiddos gone by. My first group of kids are finishing college and starting their masters degrees (I’ll be right there with ’em)! Some are joining the work force and moving across the country. Some are just beginning as first year teachers. This summer it finally hit me– I treat every year in some way as if it were my first. Of course I’ve learned a lot along the way, but in education the ways change quickly and in these days of edtech, they change as fast as you blink. But every summer I still pull out my ragged copy of “The First Days of School”, I inevitably read a hopelessly optimistic and empowering professional development book, and I dream of what I want my students to engage in and how seamless my procedures will be by October.

Then October comes and I’m begging for some Wong intervention! All kidding aside- I realized this summer how intentional I want to be with my reflective practices, and how far and hard I really wanted to push myself this year. (See the about section for more background.) What better way to do that than share with the world the failures and successes of all those trials. I LOVE to help out new teachers, and love reading ideas and experiences of others- so this will be a multipurpose experiment in reflection, connection, and celebration (when all of my great ideas work perfectly of course)! I’m sure there will be some rejection as well- as all good teachers know, if you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying. So here’s to another year of a little bit of messy, a little bit of silly, and a whole lot of learning!

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10th year teacher of science, technology, and life! Still learning every day. Every year is like the first year all over.

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