Book review- Empower by A.J. Juliani and John Spencer

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 1.50.30 PMSo this is the first book I chose to read after my “I’m going to be a leader no matter what” revelation (read more about that here). I’m so glad it was!

With lots of enthusiasm, positivity, and awesome graphics, this book is an easy read but still powerful enough to gear you up to change the world! It’s great for first year teachers, veteran teachers, teachers in a slump, administrators, and even people in the education business.

Here are a few of my book snaps!

The book includes personal stories from the authors as learners and teachers, a layout of their “Launch” design thinking plans, and lots of encouragement.

“That’s great”, you think. “But how does it really look”? Well one author A. J. Juliani thought about that and created a blog post HERE with sample lessons from all grades. The other author, John Spencer also has a blog about empowerment and the book HERE, he  has a blog more dedicated to the “maker spaces” as well as a you tube channel here.

You can follow either of them on twitter as well @ajjuliani or @spencerideas

Tell me:

         -Have you read the book? What did you think? How will you empower your kiddos or teachers this year?

         -What other empowering books have you read to kick off this school year?


Comment below or tweet @mrslacysmith #firstyeareveryyear #empowerbook


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10th year teacher of science, technology, and life! Still learning every day. Every year is like the first year all over.

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