IMG_3937Hello teacher friends! (or people lost on the internet- you’re welcome too)

I’m a learning technology coach in Texas, but I was born and raised in Louisiana. I geek out on edtech, science, superheroes, YA fantasy, and religion.

In my 8th year teaching I was feeling pret-ty good about where I was as a teacher and how far I’d come in classroom management. Lesson planning/ pacing and technology seemed to be my strong points as well as getting students to think critically. I still worked a lot as all teachers do….then my family decided to move to TX and I was a first year teacher all over again. Thank goodness the curriculum was similar, but my hours changed, my daily schedule changed, the types of kids I taught changed, and my bubble of comfort changed. I enrolled in the 40 hour teacher week club led by Angela Watson in an attempt to counteract my anxiety about so many changes. (I really do love change y’all- but I was nervous!) Little did I know how much I needed this! It forced me to rethink everything about how I managed my time, my life in and out of school, even my thoughts. It was like life coaching coming at me through podcasts, PDFs, and printables from TpT (yay!). It connected me to other hopelessly optimistic educators for a strong support group and online PLC.

In my 9th year of teaching, at a new school, in a new state, with new people- I decided to apply for a position as a technology learning coach. I was encouraged before to be a teacher coach but did not desire to lead an English teacher towards better teaching when I had a Science background- but TECH COACHING… dream job here I come! I had so many ideas for the school and made it to the interview stage but God had other plans. After wallowing for a few days I decided that I didn’t need the title to carry out my ideas. (See blog post here to read more- I DID end up getting the job!)

I’m earning my Master’s degree in Instructional Design so life is about to get busy! With all of my bright ideas floating around I decided I needed a place to organize my trials in my class, document my successes with my students, hash out my reflections on the second year of implementing the 40 hour teacher week strategies, share my reviews of educational books and websites, and much more. Treat every year, every day as if it’s your first! Join me for the fun, will ya?